The growth factors in wound healing

Biologically, the growth factors are always active and are essential for all types of wound healing. However, in clinic, the most frequent question is: are they always active?

The evidence is more known today: the growth factors are released by platelets and white cells however they need several conditions and other substances to be really successful. There are also a lot of factors who counteract the PRF activity.
The new protocol A-PRF, Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin, based on the low speed centrifugation concept is the most powerful concept as it combines the brin network, the growth factors from the platelets and the white cell activity for only one goal: getting the more rapid and thorough vascularization. A-PRF is a “blood concentrate” and not a “platelet concentrate”!

The A-PRF protocol proposes the better composition for the healing cascade: cytokins with slow release, full natural brin, monocytes, granulocytes and plasma proteins, with long term release of autologus BMP-2.

The i-PRF is proposed with the same concept: platelets, white cells, brinogen & stem cells in liquid form produced without any additive or anticoagulant: it clots after the injection. The goal is to improve the soft & hard tissue. Injectable PRF is used to make sticky bone graft, by induction a full clotting of the bone graft and to enhance the blood supply.