The Pro-fixTM Precision Fixation System is manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure easy pick-up of screws, stable transfer to the surgical site, and quick engagement in cortical bone. All kit components are labeled, orga- nized, stored and sterilized together to simplify things for the surgeon and surgical team.

Driver handle and blade
The stainless steel driver handle and cruci- form driver blade fit together to make up a drive system that ensures easy pick-up of screws and stable transfer to the surgical site.

Screw organizer dial
Up to 100 fixation screws – including bone fixation, membrane fixation and tenting – may be stored in a built-in screw organizer dial designed and labeled for easy identification, easy storage and simple re-ordering.

TECAPRO® storage tray
The autoclavable Tecapro® storage tray is cleverly designed to store not only fixation instruments, but also a variety of membrane fixation, bone fixation and tenting screws needed in dental bone grafting.

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Membrane fixation and tenting screws

Pro-fixTM Membrane Fixation Screws are designed as an attractive alternative to using tacks for membrane stabilisation. Easy pick-up, solid stability of the screw during transfer to the surgical site, and easy placement make membrane fixation fast and easy.

– The Pro-FixTM cruciform driver blade fits securely into the head of the screw and provides excellent screw stability upon placement.
1.5mm x 3.0mm size is designed specifically for securing membranes and mesh.
– The self-drilling design of each screw allows penetration through cortical bone without the use of a mallet or the need for drilling pilot holes.

Pro-fixTM Tenting Screws are designed with a self-drilling tip, polished neck, and broader head to maintain space under resorbable and non-resorbable membranes in horizontal and vertical bone regeneration procedures.

3.5 mm diameter head provides broad surface area to help prevent membrane perforation or tearing.
Tenting screws are available with a 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm polished neck for precise space maintenance.
– 4 mm threaded portion of each screw ensures stability

Pro-fix™ Bone Fixation Screws are designed with finer pitched, self-tapping threads that give the screws greater clamping force while using less driver torque. The screws’ threads are equipped with a cutting flute that allows for easier insertion into harder bone. The screws are placed into a 1.2 mm pre-drilled pilot hole.

– Head design allows screw to be screwed down flush to bone surface leaving no gap between the screw’s head and the bone
Fine pitched threads give screw greater clamping force while using less driver torque
Bone Fixation screws are available in 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm lengths.