Features & Benefits

Cytoplast™ TXT-200 and TXT-200 Singles are manufactured from high-density PTFE, which is engineered to withstand exposure. This key feature, coupled with the Cytoplast™ Technique for grafting extraction sites, offers the ultimate in both predictability and aesthetics during dental bone grafting procedures.

Non-Resorbable. Won’t resorb prematurely – you dictate healing time.

100% Dense (non-expanded) PTFE; pore size less than 0.3 μm. Impervious to bacteria* (*Data on file)

Purposely leave the membrane exposed.
Less surgical time, preservation of soft tissue architecture and keratinized mucosa.

Soft tissue attaches, but doesn’t grow through the membrane.
Exposed membrane allows for non-surgical removal; no anesthesia required.

Hexagonal dimples increase surface area. Designed to increase membrane stabilization.

TXT-200 Singles are the ideal size for single-tooth extraction.

Membrane size

The patented RegentexTM surface helps stabilize the membrane and the soft tissue flap. Hexagonal surface dimples provide a textured surface, which increases the area available for cellular attachment without increasing porosity.

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