November 18, 2022 — November 19, 2022 // 9:00

Soft Tissue Masterclass with Prof. Davide Farronato & Dr Mattia Manfredini



• The tissue phenotype
• Harvesting sites and techniques • Phenotipe modulation principles • Surgical techniques
• Where-when-how
• Timing and indications


• Soft tissue grafting on mining HANDS-ON



• Tissue maturation patterns
• Critical numbers for predictable results
• Critical and subcritical contour managing • Immediate load step-by-step


• Immediate load on single tooth HANDS-ON

Any clinician wants to obtain a predictable and stable aesthetic outcome in frontal implants. Both soft tissue grafting and immediate load are often needed, according to the clinical scenario. In these two days of lecture and workshop, the attendees will simulate the most common strategies to implement both surgical and prosthetic skills. A simulation of immediate implant povisionalization, emergence profile managing, and soft tissue adaptation through grafts will be done on the pig model. This will be a very dense workshop that may be held next to Dr’s technician on the second day, to find the best link between the surgery and the prosthetic field. A step-by-step methodology will be executed by the participants.

Learning Objectives:

• Tissue maturation patterns around dental implants over time
• Biology guided implant placement according to the expected tissue potential
• Tissue grafting techniques updated
• Understanding the phenotype and choosing the right harvesting area
• Managing the emergence profile according to the type of graft
• Managing bilaminar, tunnel, onlay grafts
• Managing roll flap, modified techniques, keratinized lateral and apical repositioning • Flap managing and suturing

Speakers: Prof. Davide Farronato, Dr. Mattia Manfredini

Prof.Davide Farronato

graduated Dentistry with “maxima cum laude”, specialized in Oral Surgery and has a PhD in “Innovative Techniques in Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthetic Rehabilitation”. He is an active member of IAO (Italian Academy of Osseointegration) and MINEC (MegaGen International Network of Education and Clinical Research), a founding member of the SISCO(Italian Society of Specialists in Oral Surgery). As a Researcher & Assistant Professor at the University of Insubria (Italy), his scientific work aims to understand the variables that affect the stability of peri-implant tissues in the long term. Also, he is an implant designer for multiple companies.

Dr Mattia Manfredini

graduated in Dentistry with “maxima cum laude” at the University of Insubria. During the sixth year, he worked at Medartisdent refining his implantology skills with Professor Dinu. Currently, he is specializing in Oral Surgery
at the University of Milan, working in the center for maxillary atrophies directed by Professor Maiorana. He is an active member of the Roll Flap Team, a self-funded research group. His scientific works are mainly focused on implant design, connection, and peri-implant tissues.

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