How can dental implants benefit you?

How can dental implants benefit you?2018-11-29T08:25:33+00:00
How can dental implants benefit you?

• Dental implants provide a solid supporting foundation in the mouth for anchoring artificial teeth, just as the root does with natural teeth. This supportive under structure also stimulates the surrounding bone and soft tissue to prevent it shrinking away as covered on the previous pages.

• Maybe equally importantly, dental implants hugely and almost immediately improve the ability to chew, speak and laugh without inhibition.

• Dental implants can eliminate your need for a full or partial denture, ensure tooth stability, reduce bone loss and encourage better gum health with the adjacent teeth.

Around half of the adults in the UK are missing 1 tooth – what is the dental implant solution if you are one of them?

Whether you are missing a single tooth because of:

• Trauma
• Failed root filling / root fracture
• Repeated infections
• Congenitally missing teeth

A dental implant is generally considered the optimum choice, as the implant will create a fixed foundation as covered in previous pages.

If only one tooth is missing, a single implant-supported crown may be your ideal option. A crown which has been carefully colour and shade matched with your remaining surrounding teeth will be fixed to your implant. This will revitalise your smile, both at the front of the mouth, or out of view at the back.

If you have any queries about which option is most suitable for you, please ask your dental practitioner.