Advantages of the Docklocs® Attachment System

Abutments with an 18° Angulation

With these Abutments, divergences between implants of up to 65°can be corrected. With the 18° angled Abutments, the dentist is ableto cover a wide range of clinical implant situations. The angled Abutments are available with two connection variants. This allows the position of the implant to be better compensated.

Biocompatible Ceramic PVD Hard Coating

The coating is an extremely hard zirconium carbonitride layer (ZrCN).It has a high abrasion and wear resistance. In addition to the functional surface properties, the red-golden coloration is impressive. Zirconium surfaces have the advantage of having twice as low plaque affinity as titanium and thus largely preventing inflammatory reactions of the soft tissue.


Additional Screw-in-Mechanism

The industry standard .050/1,25 mm* hexagonal screw mechanism simplifies insertion into the dental implant.


Optimized Retention Housing

The retention housing is provided with additional horizontal grooves for improved resistance to vertical and horizontal movement. The red anodized surface enhances aesthetics and prevents the grey translucency of the surface on thin denture material.