About us

The Megagen Implant Company was started in 2002 by a group of experienced dental surgeons looking for a better implant. Their interest in offering better solutions to their patients continues to drive the company in improving products constantly & introducing ground breaking solutions for difficult surgical situations.

We changed the market when we launched the Rescue Short & Wide implants; we researched them extensively and proved that short implants work. Now, most of the companies have in their portfolio short and wide implants.

We were among the first to develop our Internal Sinus Grafting technique and kit. Now there are hundreds out there.

In 2010 we launched what we consider to be our best product and the ultimate result of our clinical experience combined with our world class R&D: The AnyRidge Implant System.

Locking morse taper, innovative thread shape, aesthetically designed platform shifting, universality of the prosthetic connection and the revolutionary progressive thread/core concept are just a few of the features of what we think is the best implant in the world.

AnyRidge is for the perfectionists that do not want to compromise on aesthetics, functionality and versatility.
By bringing AnyRidge to the market, we aim to bring the emotion and art back to dentistry.

We believe that from now on, Megagen Implants will play an important role on the UK market and that with the clinician’s dedication for the profession and with our products we can change the market for the better.