Treatment Planning

– Prosthetic driven implant positioning

– Digital-EYE bone morphology analysis

– Recommended drilling steps to achieve maximum initial stability

Surgical Guides

Surgical guides printed according to the treatment plan.


Temporary Prosthetics

Customized prosthetics manufactured according to the treatment plan
and designed to fit after placing the implant through the surgical guide.

Single Implant
Cement retained (ZrGEN & PMMA)
– Ti Base
– Customized zirconia abutment
– PMMA CAD/CAM provisional restoration

Multiple Implants
Cement retained type (ti-base, zirconia abutment, PMMA crown)
Screw retained (one piece, ti-base and PMMA full contour)

Full arch restoration
Cement retained type
Screw retained type
Customised abutment & overdenture combination
– Customized abutment
– Zirconia coping
– 3D Printed denture with pink gingival coloring

Immediate Loading

The R2GATE will help you make the right decision about immediate loading by providing the bone density and cortical engagement analysis data in advance. However the decision should be made by the clinician according to the clinical situation.