Product Summary

To recover lost masticatory function, we need an artificial root that will be placed into patient’s alveolar bone as functioning as a root, and an abutment that will be placed on top of an artificial root and be exposed outside of gingival, and support to fix tooth-shaped prosthetics. This package includes components that are needed to manufacture prosthetics using Multi-unit Abutment to provide similar masticatory function and aesthetics as natural teeth via a dental implant surgery.

Indications for use

Multi-unit Abutment is used to manufacture prosthetics of an artificial root that is placed into patient’s alveolar bone to recover the masticatory function . It is very useful to recover dental conditions with 4~6 dental implant place placement to edentulous patients. We have increased the convenience by making this package with items that are essential to manufacture prosthetics using Multi-unit Abutment.

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Multi-unit Abutment N Type

The solution for the edentulous patients


1. Easy and economical treatment solution for compromised edentulous cases.

2. Expensive and time consuming bone graft may not be necessary.

3. Multiple angles (0 ̊, 17 ̊, 30 ̊) support different implant insertion paths.

4. Universally compatible with other Multi- unit systems.

Available implant System

– AnyRidge Internal

– BLUEDIAMOND® implants

– AnyOne Internal

– AnyOne External

Compatibility with others’ Multi-unit level prosthetic components

✓ Post Height

✓ Post Diameter

✓ Post Angle

✓ Abutment Angle

✓ Cuff Height

Multi Unit Abutments

Product Composition

• For soft tissue healing and formation: Healing Cap

• For final prosthetics manufacturing: CCM Abutment

• For temporary prosthetics manufacturing:Temporary Abutment

• For impression taking: Impression Coping

• For compatibility of prosthetics: Multi Unit Abutment, Abutment Screw, Cylinder Screw

• For connecting prosthetics: Right Angle Driver, Multi unit Driver, Hand Driver, Removal Driver

• For gaging: Try-n Abutment, Surgical Guide


For stable and precise implant surgery, there are minimum requirement conditions: insufficient amount of bone, poor quality of bone, bad hygiene condition, excessive smoking habit, blood disease, diabetes, or other medical disease, may lead to failure of osseointegration or treatment.


To use Multi-unit Abutment in safer and more efficient way, we strongly recommend the followings.

  • User must be competent who fully understands and mastered advanced surgery techniques that are equired when performing implant surgery
  • User must fully understand and know instructions and cautions of the product before usage
  • User must perform surgery in a surgery room, that can maintain sterilized environment, with properly dressed with sterilized gown
  • Unqualified patient condition and surgical technique may be to surgery failure and damage the supporting bone
  • Dangers of re-using one-time use surgical instrument: the re-usage of a one-time use surgical instrument is not verified. The re-usage of a one-time use surgical instrument may cause serious contagion of dieses or malfunctioning of medical equipment