botiss: bone & tissue regeneration

botiss biomaterials is one of the leading companies in the field of dental bone and tissue regeneration. The botiss regeneration system is available in over 100 countries worldwide via a global network of distribution partners and employees, who are committed experts in the field of oral surgery and implantology.

We substantially invest in RESEARCH and EDUCATION. Unique innovations, such as mucoderm®, maxgraft® bonebuilder, and maxresorb® flexbone, the concept of high-quality learning and education with the botiss academy, and our international bone & tissue days are the results of our partnership with worldwide renowned academic research institutes, global opinion leaders, and practitioners in their daily clinical environment.

We all know – no single bone graft or soft tissue biomaterial can suit all medical needs, biological situations, and indications. Factors, such as indication, age, hygiene, biotype, bone height, and treatment plan, require a sophisticated approach with different, coordinated products.


To achieve optimal, predictable results, we offer you

the botiss regeneration system.


It includes all long-term proven biological materials (e.g., bovine, synthetic, allografts, collagen, granules, blocks, membranes, and soft tissue matrices), which can be used in various combinations for each specific indication. All products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are strictly biological (i.e. no chemical cross-linking).


cerabone® plus
maxresorb® inject
maxgraft® bonebuilder
maxgraft® bonering
maxgraft® cortico
collacone® max
maxgraft® blocks
maxgraft® granules


collprotect® membrane
Jason® membrane