The best results for immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone. Save time, and see exceptional aesthetic result’s.

The root membrane technique (RMT) can induce successful osseointegration, and increase soft tissue aesthetics by minimising the loss of buccal bone post extraction.

• The RMT separates the root at the time of extraction and leaves a root fragment in the buccal side.

• With this technique it is possible to maintain the physiological relationship of the buccal bone with no deterioration, and minimise loss of the buccal bone that can be caused by socket remodeling post extraction.

• Through step-by-step customised drilling, the soft tissues can be entirely protected with precise tooth modification.

Root Membrane Kit Components

How to use Root Membrane Kit

Perfectly matched with AnyRidge

The Anyridge Implant System and the Root Membrane Technique work in harmony with each other through high initial stability and fast osseointegration which leads you towards your goal of more successful immediate implant placement.

Anyridge Knife thread design – features an oblique form designed with a narrow thread and a round face. Therefore, optimal ISQ values can be obtained reliably, as it is placed without causing damage to the unique architecture of cancellous bone, it also results in a more even stress distribution.

Anyridge Xpeed Surface Treatment – The XPEED treatment technology involves a surface of CA2+ ions covering the exterior wall of the implant, this increases osstegration rate with the fixture surface through a chemical reaction with 0.5 micrometer thickness. Also, there is no problem of absorption of the coating layer after scaling deterioration, BIC and removal torque values are excellent.

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