Intended use and operation

The MD 30 in combination with a motor and corresponding handpiece or contra angle (separate medical device) is used primarily in dental Implantology. The device can also be used for microsurgical applications as well as in oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. The device is designed for drilling and sawing bone as well as for screw insertion into bone. An integrated peristaltic pump is provided in order to cool the rotating instruments so that damage to tissue can be prevented.

The MD 30 may only be operated by qualified and trained personnel. It is used specifically in Implantology for:

– Milling and drilling the implant bed 
– Cutting the thread for the implant 
– Screwing in the implant
– Removing the fixture mount
– Placing the cover screw


– Configuration menu for exact adaptation to individual needs
– Intelligent security system with audible and visual warning and an additional block of engine operation (eg pump shaft is open, not connected motor or pedal)
– 70 Ncm maximum torque at 20: 1 elbow with graphical real-time representation of the torque increase on the display
– Rugged, high technology and processing
– Integrated peristaltic pump for cooling of the tissue, to avoid tissue damage
– More sophisticated motor control with Smooth running with a quiet, low vibration motor electronics
– Multifunctional pedal to control motor selection, pump, drive and programs
– Hand and Elbow calibration
– Real-time speed display
– 10 programs per motor storable

Technical specifications

Voltage – 100/115/230 volts at 50 – 60 Hz
Fuse, power supply – 2 fuses T 3.15 AL 250 VAC
Power consumption – 120 VA
Applied part – Type B*
Protection class – Class I
Dimensions (W x D x H) – 260 x 250 x 110 mm
Net weight control unit – 3.7 kg
Motor coupling – Intra coupling ISO3964
Motor speed – 300 – 50,000 rpm Max.
Motor torque – 6 Ncm
Motor weight – 0.280 kg
Motor cable length – 2 m
Pedal – IP code (pedal) IP68

*Applied parts of Type B are the instruments attached to the motor.