Novel vacuum plasma technology for Regenerative activation of dental implant

Hydrocarbon and contaminants surrounding the implant are removed from the surface by plasma to increase hydrophilic and acquire better osseointegration.

XPEEDActive cycle of Plasma X Motion has been validated to increase attachment, proliferation, and differentiation of osteoblast cells as well as the adsorption of protein.

Plasma X Motion makes implant surface to have better performance.

*XPEEDActive (Regenerative Activation by Plasma)



Technologies developed to shorten healing time & enhance stability

Higher osseointegration performance with higher survival rate

– IMPLANT DENTISTRY / VOLUME 22, NUMBER 5 2013 (ISSN 1056-6163/13/02205-481)

Process of Contamination and Regenerative activation

Super Hydrophilic

Increase cement bonding strength 100%



All types of implants

・Handpiece driver

・Ratchet connector


Visual demonstration

・Increase patient consent rate through visible plasma light

・Place an implant in the best condition toward patients