May 19, 2022 — June 17, 2022 // 9:00

Advanced Certificate in Bone & Tissue Regeneration & Sinus Grafting

This unique postgraduate CPD programme, accredited by the University of Salford, is designed to provide highly structured and comprehensive training for the experienced implant surgeon in reconstructive preprosthetic oral surgery.The programme is designed to teach delegates to:a) Gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding through a series of pre-course preparatory webinars, delivered by experts in the field

b) Learn from surgical demonstrations and live surgery performed by Professor Ucer

c) Develop hands-on cadaveric surgical skills, directly supervised by a faculty of ENT consultants, oral surgeons and implant experts

d) Perform sinus grafting surgery under supervision at ICE

You will be taught by a faculty of eminent ENT consultants under the lead of Professor Ucer, who has amassed 30 years of experimental and clinical expertise in hard and tissue regenerative surgery, vertical & horizontal GBR sinus grafting and the treatment of severely atrophic maxilla & mandible including zygomatic implant surgery.

You will also learn how to use Implant-Pro, a unique on-line patient assessment and treatment planning tool developed by the ICE Faculty.

You will have one year’s free access to this outstanding on-line tool for automated treatment planning and informed consent generation, which is standardised for each individual patient from the raw clinical and diagnostic data gathered during assessment.

The course will cover everything you need to know about advanced bone and tissue reconstructive surgery including lateral sinus grafting.

Lectures Include:

  • Surgical anatomy of the paranasal sinuses
  • Assessment and diagnosis of maxillary sinus diseases
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) with cadaveric demonstration
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Sinus diseases, pathology and management
  • When to operate and when to refer for ENT opinion and treatment Preparation for reconstructive/sinus surgery and diagnostic criteria for case analysis
  • Complications, prevention & management
  • Trigeminal nerve injury, prevention and management
  • Medicolegal considerations and Human Factors in reconstructive surgery

• Lateral window and crestal sinus lift technique and success criteria

• Block bone grafting and the bone ring technique

• Vertical & horizontal GBR technique drawing on Professor Ucer’s 30 years of clinical and experimental research

• Bioactive modifiers, including Platelet Rich Growth Factors in Regenerative Surgery Treatment planning of the atrophic maxilla and mandible including the zygomatic & pterygoid implant options

• 3D diagnostic imaging, digital workflow & 3D treatment planning

• Implant-Pro assessment and treatment planning software

• Critical appraisal and characteristics of regenerative bone and tissue regeneration


PART 1 Pre-course Preparatory Webinar Series

Prof. Cemal Ucer – Welcome & Introduction/Indications for Sinus Grafting
Prof. Simon Wright – Welcome to ICE/Human Factors
Dr. Stefan Berger – Critical Review of Biomaterials
Prof. Cemal Ucer – Strategies for the Treatment of the Atrophic Maxilla & Mandible Dr. James Hamill – 3D Guided Immediate Full Arch Reconstruction using CHROME Dr. Andrea Tedesco – Zygomatic Implants/Minimally Invasive Piezo Technique

Dr. Peter Fairbairn – ETHOSS True Bone Regeneration
Dr. Ulpee Darbar – Socket Management
Dr. Rabia Khan – Oral Medicine – Review of Hard and Soft Tissue Oral Pathology
Dr. Ulpee Darbar – Bone Augmentation
Prof. Cemal Ucer – Surgical Anatomy and Pterygoid Implants
Prof. Simon Wright & Prof. Cemal Ucer – Diagnostic Imaging and Sinus Pathology Prof. Simon Wright – Atraumatic Extractions and Socket Augmentation
Prof. Cemal Ucer – Regenerative Medicine and Bioenhancement: PRF/PRP technique

PART 2 Regenerative Oral Surgical Techniques, Grafting and ENT Management of the Maxillary Sinus

Regenerative oral and implant surgery & sinus grafting Part 1 (Prof Ucer)
Mr Toma and Miss Little: Anatomy of the para-nasal sinuses, sinus pathology and ENT perspective Regenerative oral and implant surgery & sinus grafting Part 2 ( Prof Ucer)
Regenerative oral and implant surgery & sinus grafting Part 3 ( Prof Ucer)
Ulpee Darber – Socket management and Alveolar Bone Reconstruction
Q&A session

PART 3 Live Surgery and Discussions

Live surgery
Interactive lecture Discussions and Q&A session

PART 4 Cadaveric Surgical


Cadaveric Surgical Training in regenerative oral & implant surgery and Sinus Grafting including block bone harvesting, graft fixation techniques, vertical & horizontal GBR, lateral & crestal lift, pterygoid and trans sinus implants and demonstration of sinus FESS surgery.

PART 5 Clinical Supervised Training

Trainees who have successfully completed Parts 1-4 of the course will be offered the opportunity to treat patients at ICE Hospital. This is done under supervision by prior arrangement and is subject to approval by ICE Faculty. Trainees will need to have full GDC registration & appropriate indemnity cover for advanced hard & soft tissue and sinus grafting.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain practical knowledge of the surgical anatomy of the head and neck including vital structures, blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tissue spaces on cadavers in order to develop surgical confidence and precision
  • Learn how to assess, diagnose and manage sinus diseases
  • Learn from Professor Ucer’s 30 years of research and clinical experience to avoid complications and achieve predictable and successful treatment outcomes
  • Consistently perform an unbiased critical appraisal of the biomaterials used in regenerative oral & maxil- lofacial implant surgery
  • Benefit from the support of the leading biomaterials and implant companies in a multi-system approach and learn how to choose the best product that suits each patients individual anatomical, functional and personal needs, rather than the commercial interest of one particular manufacturer or biomaterials supplier
  • Develop advanced surgical skills in regenerative oral surgery and implantology under the guidance and mentorship of an eminent faculty of ENT and oral surgery experts in this field
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