April 29, 2021 — // 3:00 pm

Online Lecture on biomaterials

Autologous grafts are still considered the gold standard for the regeneration of bone and soft tissue. However, their availability is limited and sometimes quantities are not sufficient for the specific clinical needs. Furthermore, the possible donor site morbidity and pain for the patient associated with a second surgical site often call for other treatment options.

Allogenic, xenogenic or synthetic biomaterials can therefore be a valid alternative to the patient’s own bone. Likewise, the harvesting of the patient’s own connective tissue for recession coverage or peri-implant soft tissue thickening can often be avoided by the use of collagen matrices.

This online lecture will give an overview of the biomaterials range developed and produced by the company botiss biomaterials.

botiss biomaterials is an innovative, clinically and scientifically driven biotech company from Germany. Since its foundation in 2009, the company has become a leading developer, manufacturer and innovator of biomaterials for oral tissue regeneration.